I need your help

My Rally is on!  click me to see my video.

I need your financial support because ski racing and getting to the Olympics is expensive. The USST estimates my 2014 season expenses at just under $30,000. To date the US Ski Team has not provided any funding support for my training and racing expenses.  Like other athletes in other sports that compete in the Olympics, I train all year-long.  The difficult part is I’m not in one city long enough to get a part-time job that works with my schedule. I really need your help to make it to the Olympics.

Here’s a list of  some of my major expenses and suggestions for donation amounts:

  • $50-$1300  - Airline Baggage Fees
  • $300 – $500 Air Travel in the US
  • $2100 - Air Travel to New Zealand
  • $3500 – Air Travel to Sochi
  • $1300 - Air Travel to Canada
  •  $2600 - Air Travel to Europe (I know its ridiculous)
  • $75/day - Food and Lodging in US – 110 days
  • $100/day - Food and Lodging in Canada – 7 days
  • $135/day - Food and Lodging in New Zealand –  22 days
  • $$140/day - Food and Lodging in Europe – 45 days
  • $75/day – Summer training at USSA Center of Excellence  - 85 days

Your contributions of any amount will help with these and other expenses and more importantly allow me to focus on training and wining races.Please click on my PayPal donate button and help support me on my journey to the Olympics!

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